Pennsylvania senate will not consider online gambling this year


Tina Davis, state representative that introduced a bill for online gambling for the state back in April of this year, looks like having the legislation halted till 2014 at the earliest after many law makers in the state want to see how the current states allowing online gambling fair.

Tina Pickaett who is the Leader of the House Committee on Gaming Oversight said, she wanted to wait and see how online gambling works out in the states where law has been passed already, both in Nevada, New Jersey & Delaware. Saying that she very much doubts any bill for online gambling will be heard this year.

Pennsylvania would be the largest state by far should it ever make online gambling legal with a population of over 12 million residents. The state already has a thriving land based gambling business, which is ranked number two in the country behind Nevada.

The state has two concerns before it will move with legalising online gambling, firstly that guidelines are in places for the protection of vulnerable people gambling and also that their current land based casinos are not adversely affected by any move to online gambling.


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