Pennsylvania is going to introduce online gambling bill

The US and online gambling news keeps continuing its pace with the latest being the state of Pennsylvania where a bill legalizing online gambling could be introduced.

State Representative Tina Davis said on Thursday 7th March, that she could introduce the bill as early as Wednesday (13th March).  Davis said that the recent legislation in New Jersey is the reason why the state needs to get going on this, so not to miss out.

“We wanted to get the conversation going,” she said. “We’re working on some changes” to the bill. “I got a lot of feedback from the different stakeholders, including the casinos.”

Under the proposed bill from Davis, the state would receive a $10 million payment from license applications and a tax rate of 20%. With the bill requiring any applicant to have both slot machine and table-game licenses in the state to qualify for an online-gambling license, effectively only allowing operating casinos in Pennsylvania to apply and run online gambling there.

How the bill does is questionable, Bill Thomas, executive director for the Democrats on the House Gaming Oversight Committee said: “whether the bill gains traction depends on “whether there is enough appetite in the House to do it, we have a Republican majority in the House that has been mostly anti-gaming.”

Should the online gambling bill pass into law Pennsylvania would be the biggest state so far to legalize online gambling with a population of 12.7 million.Image


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